What do you need to cross stitch?

Starting a cross stitch hobby could be the perfect step you for, whether you want to make your friends some unique handmade gifts, explore and master a new skill or simply relieve stress and worry with an absorbing, intricate pastime.

If you’re going to succeed at cross stitching you need to have the right tools and materials, and that’s what MakeBox+Co is here to provide a guide to.


You need to choose a needle carefully for cross stitch. It’s a form of counted thread embroidery, which means you aren’t sewing into the thread of the fabric, but into the gaps between the warp and weft threads. These form a grid, and the pattern tells you how many threads need to come between each stitch. To achieve this, you need what’s known as a tapestry needle, with a blunt point, to make it easier to sew in between threads and less likely that you’ll accidentally pierce them.

You’ll also need an embroidery hoop, to hold your fabric in place and make it easier to count those threads and make accurate, even stitches. These can be wooden or plastic, and it could be worthwhile investing in a well made hoop as they also make a useful frame for displaying the finished work!


Embroidery thread or floss is thicker than standard sewing thread, and available in an array of standard weights and lengths, making it easy to quickly build a library of different colours for your projects.

You’ll also need a base fabric to sew into. Cross stitch patterns rely on an even weave fabric, in which there is the same number of threads in the warp and weft in each square inch, and therefore a regular grid to sew into. An embroidery MakeBox will be delivered from MakeBox+Co to your door with all the tools and materials you need, including the pattern and clear instructions to help you complete a project successfully whether it’s your first or thirtieth!

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