What to do with cross stitch?

Starting a new crafting hobby can be exciting, as you master a new skill, and find an artistic outlet for stresses and anxieties. That early inspiration can flag, however, if you don’t have a clear focus: what do you do with what you’ve made? What is it for?

Let’s take a look at cross stitch, and find a new focus for your inspiration.


Cross stitch is a great craft to create decorations for your home. Many completed cross stitch projects can be finished and then displayed in the embroidery hoop you used to make them. You also have the option of framing them (and placing them under glass to help preserve them) or displaying larger cross stitch projects as wall hangings!

Practical projects

You can also use cross stitch to decorate more practical projects: cross stitch patterns have been used to decorate clothing, place settings or even whole tablecloths. These are a good focus for your crafting efforts if you’re looking to make practical items to use at home.

Gifts One of the best ways to use your cross stitch skills is to make gifts for friends and family. Handmade gifts are inherently more personal than the off the shelf variety and you can make them more personal still, by tailoring the cross stitch designs you work on to the tastes and interests of the person you’re gifting them too. Adapting your designs into key rings or pendants for example, as well framed pictures, gives you even more scope for making gifts, and more fuel for your inspiration.

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