What can you embroider?

If you’re considering a new embroidery hobby, it’s worth doing some research to find out exactly what you can make. If you can’t create the sort of projects that inspire you, you might start to find your hobby frustrating.

Today, MakeBox+Co are here to provide some inspiration.

Free embroidery projects

Free embroidery doesn’t require a special base-fabric. You can sew onto anything with a fabric surface, so you can use free embroidery to decorate and revive clothes and accessories you thought you’d never use again! You can even use free embroidery to upcycle furniture with fabric covers – you just need a sharp needle, embroidery floss (and other decorations like beads, sequins or even feathers.


If you look at counted thread embroidery patterns you’ll find lots of possibilities for creating embroidered art. Rather than serving a functional purpose, this is embroidery for its own sake, and could be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a craft to absorb you with intricate, careful and rewarding actions.

Many counted thread embroidery projects can be finished and displayed in the embroidery hoop you’ve sewn them in, creating a tasteful, understated frame.


You could also combine the two disciplines – use a counted thread or needlepoint pattern to create a small embroidery patch, which you could sew onto a bag or jacket as a decoration.


Many shoes and trainers have fabric surfaces – this makes them ideal to customise with your own embroidery designs. This can be a good project even for a beginner – as you have a relatively small space to work with, and simple designs are the most effective!

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