What to embroider

If you’re just starting with an embroidery hobby, then it may be difficult to decide what you’re going to turn to next. The sheer number of options on offer can be paralysing, and it can be hard to match your skill level to the size of the project you want to complete.

Don’t take on too much

If you overextend yourself, you might bring a premature end to your crafting hobby. Setting your sights on a project you don’t have the skills and experience for to tackle confidently can lead to frustration and might cause you to put down your embroidery hoop and not pick it up again.

Take smaller steps: choose projects that stretch your skills without going beyond them altogether, and look for patterns that allow you to see progress quickly! A project you can complete in a few evenings that will leave you with a new piece of embroidery to display and with a new stitch practised will build your confidence and motivation, which will let you take on those bigger projects sooner rather than later.

Looking for inspiration

One of the best ways to find motivation and projects to work on is to stoke your sense of inspiration. Look at crafting magazines and blogs (including MakeBox+Co’s own!) and find the projects that fire your imagination and make you keen to start crafting.

Keep a file or blog of the ideas that inspire and if they’re not something you can address immediately, you can look for simpler projects that achieve a similar effect or return to them when your skills are more developed.

Project options

When you’re trying to choose your next project, thinking about what you want to achieve can help to narrow the field. If you’re looking to learn a new skill or stitch, or practise one you’re less confident with, this helps you create a shortlist.

If you think about the sort of project you’ve taken pleasure from in the past, you can use that to inform what you do in the future. If you get the satisfaction you’re looking for in your crafting hobby from following the intricate instructions of counted thread embroidery patterns, then it makes more sense to pursue them than free embroidery. If you’re looking for more freeform decoration as a creative outlet for your expression, free embroidery projects are a good place to start.

Giving Gifts

Another way to pick what to embroider is to use your finished projects as gifts. Embroidery designs make great gifts, unique and personal thinking about what your friends will want to see when they open their presents is a great shortcut to choosing your next embroidery project. This can help you pick a style and technique, as well as the design you’re going to work on.


If you order from MakeBox+Co you’ll get everything you need for your next project delivered right to your door, from the basic materials, to the right tools, to clear instructions that make it easy to follow the project through to completion, develop your embroidery skills and create something to be proud of.

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