What craft should I do?

For people in search of an outlet, an occupation, or a way of passing time, a crafting hobby could be the perfect choice. But deciding about which craft to commit to can be difficult! Assembling all the tools and materials you need for a project can be a time consuming and costly process, so it might be hard to sample lots of different crafts and pick the one you enjoy the most.

Today, MakeBox+Co are here to help you make a decision!


One of the most important things you can do is reflect on what exactly you want out of this crafting hobby and why you’re pursuing it. Each different form of craft makes different things, and feels different to perform, so you should think about what the crafts are like and what you want out of them.

Many people pursue crafting as a distraction from stress and anxiety: it gives you something else to focus on entirely, and crafts with intricate patterns and satisfying tactical sensations are some of the best to focus on here. Cross stitch (and other forms of counted thread embroidery) and weaving can be very absorbing crafts that can escape to, away from your problems when you need a distraction.

Others get into crafting looking for a social group. While all crafts have their communities, knitting is known to be one of the most social, with social knitting circles for the young and old in most cities and towns!

If you’re looking for a craft that lets you express yourself artistically, then those that revolve around following a set pattern may not be the best ones for you. Free embroidery could be the answer. Rather than counted thread patterns, free embroidery can be done on any fabric surface. You can devise your own patterns, and use different coloured threads, beads, sequins and other found objects like feathers to create an entirely personal design. Many people use free embroidery to rejuvenate and upcycle clothes, adding contemporary designs to tired clothing as well as disguising damage and repairs.

Papercraft is another good option for people with artistic aspirations – using many of the same supplies from a simple art kit you can create origami designs, ‘quilled’ teardrops, your own greetings cards, or put all those skills to work displaying your memories in a scrapbook.

One reason many people get into crafting is for the satisfaction of making something practical with their hands. This is a form of satisfaction many jobs no longer provide, and it can contribute to frustration and stress. Weaving and macramé are both tactile skills where you use your hands to create practical items for the home as well as decorations.

Testing a craft

If you do want to test out a particular craft to make sure it provides the specific satisfaction that you need, Makebox+Co is the solution. Each of our craft boxes comes with everything you need to complete a project, from the tools and materials to a clear set of instructions.

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