What to use for macramé

Working on a macramé project can be really rewarding, and produce some beautiful (and practical) results but it’s worth your time making sure you have everything you need before you start.


While some macramé projects are made entirely of knotted cords, many require an anchor – a solid point onto which you tie your first cords, which makes it easier to use or display when the project is complete. Many patterns use a wooden or metal dowel or pole, that you can loop those initial cords around. You can then hang your project from this dowel when the project is finished!

You can get purpose-built wooden spokes from craft stores and hardware shops, but you can also use found objects like driftwood and fallen branches. This gives your work an individual flavour and reminds you of where you were when you were inspired to start.

Planters are a popular macramé project, and these use a ring as a starting point, and to secure them when they’re hung.


Macramé uses knots in cords to make finished textiles. Rope or cotton twine are some of the most common materials used (harking back to the days when marcramé was a sailor’s art), but any kind of cord that can hold a knot can be used. Leather strips are often used to jewellery and clothing because they’re resilient to wear, but linen and woollen yarn can also be used.

Finishing tools

Some projects require finishing with an embroidery needle or crochet hook, so it’s worth having these on hand, though the majority of macramé projects are completed with nothing but your own two hands.

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