What is finger knitting?

Finger knitting is a great, simple introduction to the craft of knitting – and especially good if you’re trying to get your children involved. But what exactly is it, and what do you need to start?

Finger knitting is a similar craft to weaving, but whereas with weaving you string a loom with yarn to hold it taught, and weave another skein of yarn between the vertical threads, in finger knitting, you make your hand the loom! You string it by threading wool between your fingers (by necessity, horizontally) and then use loops of fabric to interweave the same strand of wool horizontally.

This feels satisfying and produces a thick knitted fabric.

What can I make?

You can make a fairly limited number of practical projects with finger knitting – it’s relatively easy to turn to the strands of chunky, manual knit into bracelets and simple toys – the addition of a pair of adhesive bobbly eyes and a fabric tongue turns one into a snake in only a few minutes!

You can also stitch together longer chains of finger knit to create decorations like wreaths and bows, or even larger scale projects like blankets! Above all, though, finger knitting is fun – it’s tactile and satisfying, and a great way to start a crafting hobby by demonstrating just what you can do with a simple length of wool. It doesn’t require specialist tools, and once you’ve mastered threading and knotting across your hand, you can sit and finger knit for hours while talking, listening to music or watching a film! Why not give finger knitting a try on your next rainy afternoon.

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