What should I knit?

Choosing your next knitting project can be difficult – there are so many possibilities it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are lots of different ways to narrow the field and create a shortlist you can pick from.

The most important thing to do is look at what you want out of knitting. What’s the satisfaction you derive from this hobby? Is it creating unique personalised gifts for friends (or decorations for your own enjoyment!?) The satisfaction of seeing your skills improve? The opportunity for creativity and self expression or simply the meditative repetitive actions that go into each knit and purl.

When you know what you really enjoy about knitting, it’s easier to pick another project. If you’re trying to develop your skills as a knitter, look for a pattern that allows you to learn or practice a specific technique. If you simply enjoy the action of knitting to soothe stress and anxiety, a long-term project like a blanket gives you something to focus on over a long period.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your creative instincts, you might want to look further afield. It’s possible to encode information using stitches and yarn, and a popular project is a weather blanket. This uses different colours of wool to indicate the temperature and weather on each day. As well as making sure you don’t lapse from your hobby, by giving you a small, achievable knitting task every day, it creates a unique and very personal record of a year that you can look back on afterwards with pride.

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