What to knit for beginners

When you’re starting a new crafting hobby it can be easy to get a little overwhelmed. There are so many options for different projects, it can be difficult to make a choice. It’s also possible that your ambition might race ahead of your experience and lead you to take on advanced projects that turn into frustrating failures.

If your initial motive in getting involved with knitting was to enjoy the satisfaction of working with your hands, of making something and of watching your skills grow over time, then be guided by that motivation. Take projects one at a time, and try not to be frustrated with the initially simple scope of the patterns you’re knitting.

For a beginner, a scarf is a great early project. Most patterns are simple to follow, and you can put your own stamp on each one by using different yarn colours. A blanket can be simple in technique, but it’s a bigger project and so will take longer. If you’re interested in having something to focus on over a long period, rather than a quick to complete project you can show off, then a blanket could be the perfect, meditative project for a beginner at knitting.

For fast knits you can show off, give as gifts, or simply enjoy the satisfaction of producing quickly, take a look at dishcloths and place settings. Once you’ve mastered the simple pattern, you can add personal touches by picking different colours and weights of wool, and tailor each one to its intended recipient or your own home!

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