Papercraft making

Papercrafts offer you a wide open canvas for creation. If you’re going to get the most out of your papercrafting projects, it’s worth taking some time to research exactly what you can do: what papercrafts you can make with the supplies you have on hand, what you’ll need to shop around and what you’ll find rewarding. The more you know, the more you’ll be inspired and the less chance there will be that you’ll run into a disappointing shortage of materials or skills!


One tempting way to begin your papercraft career is with cardmaking. This is a good beginning – you can make your initial projects as simple or complex as you feel comfortable with and develop your skills from there.

Cardmaking requires few specialist tools or materials: you will need good quality stiff card as a foundation for your efforts (or specially made blank cards, which spares you having to score and fold them), scissors or a knife and glue, and coloured paper, pens and other decorative material to create with.

Depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve you may want to sketch a design in advance (or use one from a craft supplier), but you can create beautiful results if you simply allow yourself to be inspired in the moment and follow your instincts using the materials you have to hand.


The more ambitious end of cardmaking projects start to cross over with the some of the techniques used in decoupage – a multiskilled craft where you decorate objects by gluing colourful paper cut outs onto them, combined with paint effects like gold leaf. Unlike cardmaking, each layer of decoupage is sealed with multiple layers of varnish which both protect the work underneath, and allow for a polished, almost painted final effect.

Decoupage projects are more suitable for advanced crafters, when your skills and confidence have grown, but they can be a great way to breathe new life into old furniture and accessories – jewellery boxes, bookcases, even desks can be rejuvenated by a carefully planned decoupage project.

If you pick a decoupage box from MakeBox, you can feel confident you’ll have everything you need to plan, prepare, and complete your project successfully, from materials to clear instructions.


One of the most personal and satisfying things you can use papercrafting to make is a scrapbook. This is a great way to preserve and display mementos from a special time in your life. The more experienced you are with papercrafts, the more ambitious and expressive your scrapbook can be! A simple one can be little more than a record of events with pictures, tickets, programmes, and other keepsakes mounted for posterity in a stiff book or binder, but a more ambitious scrapbook can be a whole work of art in its own right! You’ll need crafting supplies as well as your own mementos, but the most important thing when you’re making a scrapbook is the time and inspiration to reflect on your memories and design a surround for them with your crafting skills.

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