Types of papercraft

If you’re getting interested in papercraft, you should know the term embraces a large variety of different hobbies. They use similar materials, but have quite different results, so you could build a stockpile of paper crafting supplies and try out different ways to use them until you find one that fits the best with you. Today we’re exploring some of the possibilities that fall under the banner of paper crafting.


This could be one of the easiest papercraft skills to get started with – and you likely already have a lot of what you need!

Scrapbooking is the art of preserving and presenting mementos of your past in a book or folder, surrounded by papercraft decorations. Your scrapbook could be as simple or ambitious as you feel ready for, from little more than an annotated photo album at one of the scale, to a unique, creative response to the ephemera of your life.

You’ll need your own mementos – photos, tickets, programmes and anything else that’s a potent reminder of a particular time in your life; scissors and glue; and craft materials like coloured paper, thread and more to mount and frame them. Perhaps most important of all is the time to reflect on your scrapbooking, so you can frame and display it in the most sensitive, appropriate way.


This might be the first thing you think of when you hear about paper crafting. It can be very technical and difficult to master, but if you start with simple projects with clear instructions you can learn the techniques that make up this ancient art of paper folding.

You might want to stock your crafting box with origami paper – this comes in standard sizes and is easier to measure, fold and cut.

You could incorporate your finished origami pieces into bigger papercraft projects, as a framing for your scrapbooking for example.


Quilling is a form of papercraft thought to originate in Ancient Egypt. It involves cutting, rolling and shaping thin strips of paper to make designs and images. It can be very tricky to start with but it’s well worth the time you invest in practicing with this artform, as you can produce some striking and beautiful results.

Combining Crafts

As we’ve already mentioned, you can combine different papercrafts together to create more ambitious projects: quilling and origami can enhance your scrapbooking, but that’s only the beginning. ‘Papercrafts’ can cover even more than this short list: card making, papier mache, making paper flowers and decoupage. The more you explore the different skills paper crafting can encompass, the more possibilities and inspirations you will discover!

If you’re thinking about taking your first steps in the world paper crafting a project from MakeBox+Co arrives with all the materials you’ll need from start to finish, as well as comprehensive instructions to take you from preparation to display. There’s no better way to learn which paper crafts suit you best, and build your skills.

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