What can I knit?

If you’re getting interested in knitting as a craft, a way of relaxing or an artistic way to express yourself, it’s well worth your time to investigate what you can knit. Knowing what’s possible can focus your ambitions and inspire you as you look for projects.

  • Clothes

Perhaps the first thing you’ll think of is knitting clothing! This gives you a real focus for your efforts, but some clothes might not be the best option for a beginner: socks and sweaters both use advanced techniques and tools and you might find yourself frustrated and even put off the whole craft when the time comes to turn a heel.

Starting with a simple scarf is a good idea, as the pattern is simple, it’s relatively quick to make, and you can give yourself a challenge or make it simple just by the colours or designs you pick.

  • Decorations

Whether it’s for Christmas, Easter, a birthday or simply to add some colour to your home, a knitted decoration is a great way to start your interest in the craft. Patterns are available in a variety of difficulties so you can pick one that’s suitable for you, and that fits the occasion!

  • Blankets

Another great beginner’s project, a blanket is a long term knit but if you choose a simple pattern and work at it regularly, you’ll create an impressive result and a permanent reminder of your growing skills!

  • Data

You can actually use knitting to encode data, if you’re looking for unique inspiration for your crafting project. A temperature blanket uses different colours of wool to record the temperature – and even weather – on each day. You add a row of stitches for each day, and at the end of the year, you have a blanket showing you the weather you’ve lived through!

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