What can I sew?

When you’re starting out with sewing, the sheer breadth of possibilities can feel overwhelming. Choosing what to sew can look like an impossible task, and the risk of getting it wrong is real: if you pick the wrong project when you’re just starting out, you might start work and find it’s too ambitious for your skill level, and a frustrating, disappointing experience like that can put an early stop to your fledgling hobby.

MakeBox can help – not only with our sewing project boxes, which contain everything a beginner needs from start to finish – but also by looking at some of the things sewing can do for you, to make your choices a bit more informed.

  • Clothes

This might be the first thing you imagine when you think of sewing, but clothing isn’t the best place for a beginner to start. Each item is a complicated project and needs to be customised to the person you’re making it for. We’d advise waiting until you’ve acquired some more experience (and possibly a sewing machine!) before you start sewing clothes from scratch!

  • Handbags

A handbag can be a surprisingly simple sewing project, with handbag kits available (from MakeBox, we should mention) to make preparation even simpler.

The advantage of this project is that it can form a foundation for your own creativity: a simple pattern that you can customise by choosing fabric, thread and embellishing details.

  • A Pincushion

This can be a great way for a beginner to start out: a very easy project that will give one of the tools you’ll use in your future sewing efforts! Handmade pincushions also make great personalised gifts for crafty friends.

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