What can you do with embroidery?

Embroidery is a great choice for your crafting hobby: it’s a meditative process that produces beautiful results. You can finish small projects quickly or spend longer on larger projects that are even more impressive in the end.

It can help to think about the different things you can do with your embroidery hobby. It could inspire you, or help you focus if you’re in the middle of an ambitiously long pattern.


For many people, embroidery is worth pursuing as an art in its own right. You can display your projects when they’re complete, either framing them or neatly finishing them in the embroidery hoop and using that to display the results!

Whether it’s a small design that can sit on a desk or mantlepiece, or a larger one to be frame and mounted on the wall, creating art for yourself or your friends is a great way to spend your time.


Surface embroidery doesn’t need a pattern, or a special fabric to sew into: you can decorate anything you can stitch thread through. This means it’s a perfect way to refresh clothes and accessories that you thought had had their day. Adding some embroidery decoration to an older jacket or bag makes it a unique, personal piece, and if you’re able to use your creativity to disguise some necessary repairs, then you could even bring back a much loved garment you thought you’d never wear again!

If you look at your wardrobe with this in mind, you could inspire yourself for your next project!

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