Knitting mistakes

Knitting Mistakes

If you’re an inexperienced knitter, you might be worried about making mistakes. If you ruin a project, you might never come back and finish it, and the yarn and needles you’ve bought will go to waste!

Fortunately, the difference between expert and beginner knitters is not that experts never make mistakes! Everyone makes mistakes when they knit. Experts just know what sort of mistakes can happen and what they can do to fix them!

  • Getting Lost

If you put your knitting down in the middle of a project and return to it later, you might find it’s in the middle of a row, with no clear indication which way you should be knitting! This can leave you with an uneven finished article or no finished article at all, as you get lost in a tangle of wool!

This is easy to solve: Your yarn will be hanging from the last stitch you worked. Make sure this stitch is on your right, and you’ll be knitting in the right direction.

  • Dropped Stitches

A dropped stitch isn’t just a figure of speech – a dropped stitch is one that falls off the end of the needle! If you don’t notice it while you were stitching, or it happened when you put your project down, the stitch can work its way deep into your project!

Fortunately, this is easy to fix. If you always stop knitting at the end of a row, you’ll have the chance to check for dropped stitches and unravel back to where the problem started. For a dropped stitch that’s deeper in, it’s possible to pull the stitch back into place!

  • Tight Stitches

If your stitches are too tight, then you’ll find it increasingly difficult to work your project: shifting stitches up the needle becomes almost impossible!

Make sure you’re holding your wool comfortably as you work – if you’re holding too tight, that tension can work its way into your knitting. It’s also worth making sure you’re making stitches on the right part of the needle: if you’re too close to the tapered ended, your stitches will get smaller and tighter and harder to work!

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