What do you need for embroidery?

If you’re interested in starting embroidery, then you should find out exactly what equipment you need. The list isn’t a long one, but if you begin your first embroidery project and find you’re missing a key ingredient, the disappointment and delay won’t be fun.

  • A Needle

The most fundamental thing you need to start an embroidery project is a needle to stitch with. A standard sewing needle will do, but you can use specialised needles for different projects: a crewel needle has a sharper point and is useful for surface embroidery. Tapestry needles have bigger, blunter points, useful for when you’re sewing between the weave of a fabric in counted thread embroidery.

  • Foundation Fabric

This is what you’re going to sew into. It might be an existing item you want to decorate like clothing or even furniture, or separate piece of fabric to create a piece of embroidery to display in its own right.

If you’re following a pattern for counted thread embroidery, you’ll need fabric with a regular weave. You can buy special embroidery fabric, as well as carefully woven cotton and linen foundations for your patterns.

  • Thread

Stocking up on embroidery thread is a great idea – you can build a library of colours so you’re ready for whatever you need, but you can also work in other additions: sequins, beads, even feathers!

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