What is papercraft?

While in general ‘papercraft’ means making craft projects from paper supplies, the name covers a lot of different skills and it’s worth investigating just what different projects you could embark with a box of basic papercrafting supplies!

  • Cardmaking

You can use cutting, glueing and more advanced techniques to create personal, unique cards for your friends, and to mark special occasions

  • Origami

This might be the first thing you imagine when you hear the word papercraft: the art of folding paper to create models, designs and objects. Buying a stock of origami paper could make your life easier here, as it’s cut to a regular size, and thin enough to fold easily.

  • Quilling

Thought by some to date back to ancient Egypt, quilling is the art of folding and coiling thin strips of paper to make models and decorations. It can be used as an element in card making, or to create elaborate, wall-sized displays! Quilling paper is text-weight, so thicker than the printer paper you might have around the house, and worth buying so you have the best materials to hand.

  • Scrapbooking

One of the most personal papercrafts, scrapbooking is the skill of preserving and displaying keepsakes from a particular time in your life in a sturdy book to look back on in the future. Scrapbooking, like cardmaking can use lots of other papercraft techniques to make more elaborate, ambitious settings for your mementos.

  • Decoupage

This is a great way to decorate and rejuvenate old furniture and accessories by gluing paper cutouts to them, adding paint techniques like gold leaf and sealing it behind multiple layers of varnish. This preserves your craftwork and also gives it an inlaid or painted effect. This isn’t an exhaustive list of papercrafts, just a few of the many ways you could get started, so check the MakeBox+Co store for all the supplies and instructions you need.

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