What is quilling paper?

When you’re taking your first steps with a new crafting project, it’s important to understand the materials you’re working with. If you don’t know what you need, then you might run out of a key ingredient at the wrong time, or find you’ve stocked up with something that’s unsuitable for your project.

Quilling is a delicate art that some people believe might date back to Ancient Egypt, and it requires special paper. It’s an art form in which you coil and roll thin paper strips to make designs. They could be as small as a gift tag, or big enough for a unique, characterful table setting, but every quilling project needs the right materials. The paper needs to be a specific weight – thickness – to coil correctly and maintain the shape and spring it needs for the final effect.

You can’t use standard printer paper from the stationers as a material for quilling – it’s too thin, and you won’t be able to shape it as you need to: it’ll crease rather than coil. You need text weight paper: printer’s paper, rather than printer paper. This is light enough for you to work with, but robust enough to curl rather than crease.

You can buy quilling paper from crafting suppliers. This has several advantages compared to buying and cutting your own paper. It allows you to quickly to build up a library of different colours for your projects, but most importantly you can be sure your paper will be cut into strips of uniform width, so your designs will be regular and as beautiful as you imagine them!

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