What to do with finished embroidery?

Finishing an embroidery project could be the end of a long journey or a shorter one – depending on how complex the pattern is, and your own experience. However long you’ve been working on your embroidery project, you should be proud of the result, and you should be able to show it off! Sometimes, though, the question of what to do with finished embroidery can be hard to answer. We’re here to help.


Many embroidery patterns will end with the instructions for finishing the fabric for display: tucking away rough edges and corners to make a pleasing artwork to display. In fact, many projects can be displayed in the embroidery hoop you’ve been using to make them. While this leaves you with one less embroidery hoop, they make a pleasing an appropriate frame for your efforts.

You could also frame them like a picture, pinning them to the backboard first, and keeping them safe under glass. A small project could sit neatly on your desk to remind you of your crafting hobby, while larger ones can be hung from the wall like a painting.


Your craft projects can make great gifts. Each one can be a personal, unique gift that really shows off how well you know your friends and how much you care. Handmade gifts for friends also free you from the stress of birthday or Christmas shopping – you simply think about a project they’ll love, choose your materials and get to work!

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