The Making of Makebox+Co.

Hello Crafters! As this is MakeBox+Co’s first outing in the blogosphere we thought we would start with 10 questions about who we are and what we do.

1. What is MakeBox+Co? (I hear you cry!)

Basically, it’s like your organic veg box but with crafts. Each month you receive a box full of craft materials: your ingredients, and a booklet of instructions: your recipes. You can either follow the instructions to make a lovely gift for someone you love, or just yourself. Or you can use them as a springboard for your imagination to create something uniquely you.

Delivering a boxful of imagination to your doorstep

2. Who are you?!

We are Hannah (bestselling craft author, blogger and presenter) and Brendan (techie stuff like web design and product sourcing) who are the brains behind MakeBox+Co plus Teddy and Posey, our beautiful children and the source of much of our inspiration.

3. What inspired you to start MakeBox+Co?

Brendan sold his last business at the start of the year and was sort of twiddling his thumbs – he was having lots of conversations with people, but nothing was getting him excited. At the same time Hannah was really feeling this sort of pent up urge for people to get crafting. So many people were interested and exploring so many techniques but often getting a bit overwhelmed, not sure where or how to start. And we just put these two elements together and bam! Like all the best crafting experiences – it just came together. We put an initial landing page up at the end of February and had about 200 orders by March!

4. Were you not worried about starting a business together?

Ha! No! Perhaps we should’ve been, but actually this isn’t our first business together. Our first was a fashion label in TopShop called ‘Resku’ which we started when we first met! Honestly, the fact we survived that without killing each other meant we both knew we could do anything together. We now have the opportunity to work together again and it is just wonderful for both of us and our family life. We feel very lucky to be able to control our work-life balance.

5. Who might Makebox+Co appeal to?

All sorts! Some people love to craft alone, but it’s also a wonderful way to spend time with people – friendships form through the love of creativity and we can see that everyday in the interaction of our makers with each other and with us.

The MakeBox+Co community is a BIG part of what we do. We try and respond as quickly as we can to questions and I think we have a great relationship with our Makers because of the attention we give them. It’s a constant conversation between us and them as they give us so many ideas and suggestions and we try to design projects they’ll find fun, inspiring and surprising!

We also love the fact that our community is both a great place for beginners and experienced crafters to feel helped and supported. People can be so kind and generous with their time and ideas – which is really wonderful to see.

6. Any tips for the novice crafter?

Keep trying, don’t feel disheartened. Things I do don’t always go right the first time. Enjoy the process, the end result is just a bonus.

“Enjoy the process, the end result is just a bonus.”

7. What crafting trends are you expecting to see in 2020?

Sustainability is the main topic of conversation, things like replacing glitter with eco options, reducing plastics and any non-biodegradable materials.Re-using materials has always been a big theme in craft and Sustainability is a key pillar at MakeBox+Co and something we are always working on. Our packaging, of course, is all recyclable and from sustainable sources. While we don’t quite have the scale yet to influence what our suppliers do, we do try and choose partners that also have the same values as us. It is a journey that we have committed to and will always improve on.

8. Who is your craft icon?

Hannah: I would have to say my Mum! She always encouraged me to be creative. We would always be making things, I never really bought lots of toys. A cardboard box was never left untouched in our house!

9. What is your biggest crafting disaster?

Hannah: Every project starts with a mini disaster so I would say it’s a series of small ‘discoveries’ not disasters. It is all part of the process, I think I always make each project about 4 times.

Brendan: Most of my crafting is done with our little boy. I have made some quite odd cereal box creations that could loosely be described as racing cars! Although I have equally made quite impressive cardboard box robots covered in foil. We are all on our own creative journey 🙂

10. If you were to make The Great British Craft Off, who would your dream judges be?

Hannah: Coco Chanel as my sewing expert, Arthur Lasenby Liberty for his vision and eye for quality and Martha Stewart for her craft business genius.


So that’s it, our 10 questions on MakeBox+Co. If you have any questions of your own please get in touch. As we said, we love to hear from our community.

We’re going to dedicate our next blog post to a subject that’s really close to our heart: Craftfulness – how crafting can help people in their mindfulness and meditative practices and the positive effects it can have on health and wellbeing. We hope to see you then!

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