Meet the Maker – The “Boho Macramé” Box by Isabella Strambio

We are thrilled to collaborate with Macramé and natural dyeing expert Isabella Strambio on this very special box which is available to buy now for delivery in January. Here you will be working with 100% natural materials to create a single or double plant holder and gorgeous feather keyring. This kit will provide the perfect introduction to macramé and natural dyeing to bring a Bohemian touch to your home. Macramé is a very mindful craft and with just a few knots you can create something unique and beautiful. Natural dyeing is the perfect complement to macramé and it will add a splash of colour to make your projects stand out.

Isabella is a hugely talented macramé artist, having been featured in the Sunday Telegraph, Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas, Mollie Makes, Hobbycraft and in 2019 her Natural Dyed Japanese Apron was one of the finalists for the Etsy Design Award.

In this blog, we meet the maker behind our January box:

Hi Isabella, thanks so much for collaborating with us on a Makebox! Would you please explain your craft speciality in detail. 

Isabella: I make and teach macrame and natural dyeing. Macrame is a textile craft based on making knots. You can create modern and intricate patterns by using different knots. The great thing about macrame is that you don’t need to know many knots to create something beautiful and useful like a plant holder or a bag. Natural dyeing is a craft where you extract pigments from plants and vegetable (in my case mostly from food scraps) to then use them to colour fabrics or yarns. 

Sounds fascinating, how did you get into it? 

Isabella: I started a blog in 2016 that followed my creative journey about learning 12 crafts in 12 months. The first craft was Macrame and the third Natural dyeing. I deeply feel in love with these two crafts and I haven’t stopped ever since.

That’s amazing, we truly believe in the benefits of craft for people’s wellbeing. What do you think are the benefits of craft for people?

Isabella: I have received many emails from followers that have told me how learning macrame helped them overcome depression and cope with serious illness. The power of crafts is incredible. To me, it’s like yoga for the mind. I believe our lifestyles are so intense that craft gives you the opportunity to slow down. I also believe we have too much technology in our lives and being able to switch off from the digital world and actually make something using our creativity and hands is so important and essential for our wellbeing.

We couldn’t agree more. Do you have a craft icon? 

Isabella: One of the most creative people I have ever met is Aimme from @twiggstudio. She is a chef but the way she cooks and creates food to me is a craft. I was lucky enough to run some workshops with her and Silvia (@Silvia_salvialimone) where we combined food and natural dyeing. From the more traditional craft world, I would say Terry from @thelovelydrawer ;  Monica from @nacotopocoto and Olga from @olgaprinku 

And finally, tell us a bit about yourself – something not many people know. 

Isabella: I am half Japanese and half Italian and with my husband, we’ve lived in five different countries in the past 15 years. I quit my job as a senior Interior Designer two years ago to work fulltime on my creative business. I also trained as a coach about 10 years ago and I still coach women who are starting their own creative business. I have 2 girls and a cat that we thought was a girl but then turned out to be a boy, called Tofu. My sister’s dog is called Miso….you can see the family theme for pet names! I now live in the countryside, we left London over 2 years ago, and my ‘studio’ is part of my kitchen! As a child, I lived by the Italian riviera and loved being part of the scout’s group. I used to love camping…not so much now- I’d rather have a comfortable bed and a hot shower. 

Isabella’s Macramé box is available to buy now:

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