Less hustle, more hobbies

Whether or not you work for yourself or for somebody else, living in this ‘always on’ modern world of smartphones and 11pm emails from the boss, it can often feel like you’re permanently at your desk! Where is the ‘me’ time? When do we find those moments to stop working and do something different for a change?

Everyone needs a little time to relax, time to destress, time for the mind to get creative – and that’s where hobbies come in – because it’s not ‘work’ (or even a ‘side hustle’) but neither is it that aimless ‘not really doing anything specific’ time where you feel like maybe you could/should be doing that little bit of work that’s been cluttering up your to-do list. Instead a hobby is something a little different: it’s time dedicated to a specific task, with a specific purpose: personal fulfilment.

Less hustle, more hobbies! Was an instagram post that really spoke to us from @kashia (give her a follow if you don’t already, we love her): “I feel like my generation lost hobbies. Everything doesn’t have to be a hustle, side hustle, or money making enterprise. Sometimes it’s just fun to do something because it brings you joy, peace, relaxation or allows you to be creative. Let’s rediscover hobbies in 2020.”

At Makebox+Co we think it’s important to keep that distinction between a hobby and a hustle. A hustle always has one eye on the future – whereas a hobby remains in the present – it is the activity itself that is important, for its own benefit alone.

How important? VERY. And we know this not just because we’re really big on hobbies (craft hobbies in particular, obvs) but also because we asked you about your hobbies and you

Answered! And when we asked “how important is your hobby to you” – the No.1 answer was that loud and clear VERY. And many of you went on to tell us why: “it’s incredibly mindful”, “it gives me a sense of calm”, “it helps me to relax”, “it’s my downtime.”, “keeps me sane”, “100% important for my mental health”,”it re-centres me and is like a mental reboot”.

Far and and away working with needle, cloth and thread were the favourites: knitting, crochet, sewing, dressmaking, lacemaking etc. 70% of you told us you enjoyed one of these as one of your hobbies. And when we asked when it was you enjoyed your hobby it became clear why: nearly 90% mentioned dedicating time in the evening for crafting, with quite a few of you saying you would do it perched in front of the TV.

Hobbies like knitting and cross-stitch are great choices that can fit in around other activities like watching TV, chatting with friends or even on the train to work: your hands are busy, leaving your mind free to wander and take in the drama unfolding in front of you on the Television (and occasionally the morning commute) such hobbies can represent a sort of max-relaxation – something that calms the mind and gets the creative juices flowing, but can fit around the rest of your day.

Crafting is the perfect hobby for an otherwise busy lifestyle – so it comes as no surprise that crafting is popular with many parents. A lot of responders to our survey told us they took the time to enjoy hobbies after the kids or baby were in bed. While those with older children let us know it was something they also experienced as a joint activity with their children- which is a really positive outcome: something that allows families to grow together and share the mental health benefits of having a hobby and creative hobbies in particular.

So… New Year’s resolutions: if you don’t (yet) have a hobby, get one! If you have one already, try another! If you have a hobby, but think of it more as a hustle – relax! Just enjoy the moment. And whatever you choose to do please get in touch and tell us about it in 2020!

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