Blossom Origami

Call in spring with this joyful blossom origami design. So simple all you need is a sheet of paper and some excellent folding moves. This flower can be scaled up to create a rose shape or made a title smaller to create this blossom stem.


Sheet of paper,


Toothpick, back of a paintbrush or crochet hook


Glue gun


  1. Fold the sheet of paper in half and score down the middle with your nail

2. Either gently rip or cut the paper along the scored line.

3. To make a square fold one corner of the paper over into a triangle.

4. Cut away the remaining rectangle of paper.

5. Score the folded diagonal line well with your nail and open out the square.

6. Fold together the opposite corners and score. You will now have an X shape scored into your paper.

7. From the middle of the lefthand side, fold inwards.

8. Repeat on the other side to create a triangle shape.

9. Fold one of the bottom points of the triangle towards the top point.

10. Repeat this for all four points.

11. Fold the top point of card back down and open up. Flatten this into a square.

12. Repeat this for all four points. It looks like you have made a little house shape.

13. Fold the top point over forwards. Now it looks a bit like an envelope.

14. Now for the tricky bit. Coming in from the side, place your finger inside the folds and open out the triangles. It will look like this.

15. Flatten this down.

16. Turn over and push up the triangular flap. Fold our one side.

17. Fold out the other side, you will now will have a point with four flattened areas.

18. Using your fingers twist this.

19. Shape the petals using your toothpick, paintbrush or crochet hook.

20. Arrange the flowers, you can use a glue gun to attach these to a branch.

You can also make the flowers larger, it looks like a rose!

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  1. Thank you
    This is so much better
    I have just finished my first box
    The clock it was amazing
    Thank you 🙏🏽

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