Ombre Rainbow Mobile

Rainbows are so special, they represent good luck and are one of life’s little pieces of magic. After a thunderstorm you often see a rainbow and they can be breathtaking. Why not make one of these Ombre Rainbows and pop it in your window to support our NHS  and wish all its workers good luck.  YOU WILL NEED Things you need: Corrugated cardboard (A3 size approx.) Paint brush White paint Pink paint (or another favourite colour) PVA glue (if you have it) String (1m approx.) Large sewing needle (can use glue or tape if you don’t have a needle) HOW TO 1. Making sure your corrugated card has the corrugation running vertically, draw a rainbow with each rainbow stripe at least 2cm wide. PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-38-43 2. Cut out your cardboard rainbow pieces. PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-38-44 3. Paint white on both sides and let dry. PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-38-47 4. Use the pink paint to paint the smallest piece on both sides. PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-38-48 5. Add a little white to the pink paint and paint the next rainbow piece so it’s a slightly lighter pink. Be sure to paint both sides. PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-38-50.jpg 6. Add more white and paint the next rainbow piece. Repeat for all the rainbow pieces so they are a lighter pink each time. Let dry. PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-38-51.jpgPHOTO-2020-03-28-15-38-51.jpg 7. Thread the string through the centre of the smallest rainbow piece and either make a big knot at the base to hold in place, or fix with PVA glue and leave to dry. (If you don’t have a needle, either thread the string through by hand if the corrugated channels are large enough, or glue the string to the back of each rainbow piece). PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-38-52.jpg PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-38-54.jpg 8. Separate the rainbow pieces a little so they ‘float’ freely and hang your rainbow up somewhere for all to see! PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-38-58.jpgE5345C52-B252-4763-89B2-6028F857FDEB_1_105_c.jpeg  

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