Cardboard Flower Garden

Who knew that with a little cardboard and paint you could have your very own flower garden spring up in your bedroom. Remember these flowers don’t require water! In fact thats probably the only thing that will make them wilt.

Corrugated cardboard (A3 size approx.)
Paint brush
White paint
Pink paint
Green paint
6 x cardboard rolls

1. Draw three flower heads onto your card each one approx. 6cm tall. Cut out.


PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-53-292. Cut out three stems (approx. 16cm x 1/2cm) & Cut out 6 x leaf shapes.

PHOTO-2020-03-28-15-53-34-14. Paint your flowers pink then add stripes and spots. Let dry.

5. Paint your leaves and stems green. Let dry.

6. Flatten three cardboard rolls and draw a scallop half way down each one. Cut out the three flower pots. Reshape to a pot. Paint white and let dry.

7. Cut the remaining cardboard roll into 1/2cm strips. Divide these into three piles then roll up each piece and place snugly inside each flower pot to create a base for the stems to slot into.

8. Stick the flower heads and leaves to the stems. Slot each flower into a flower pot.

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