Blooming Flower Crowns!

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without big blooms and bonnets! Here’s a floaty floral, super simple one to make for your little chicks. Perfect to wear for a chocolate egg hunt!


Tissue paper x 10 sheets

A5 sheet of patterned/ striped paper (or make your own stripes)

Large sheet of brown kraft paper (or a few sheets of A4 paper stuck together to make a large sheet)



Pritt stick

A mini person to make the bonnet for


1. To create the headband take a length of brown paper and fold into three creating a long strip roughly 50cm x 6cm. Wrap around your little ones head and adjust to fit (I added a little bit extra to our strip). Staple together to secure.

2. Draw a petal template onto a spare bit of brown paper approx. 9cm x 7.5cm and cut out. Line up 4 layers of tissue paper and cut out 24 x 4 petals (96 individual petals in total). Staple together your sets of 4 petals.

3. Gently scrunch up your petal sets and roughly re shape to create a crumpled petal finish.

4. Place 4 petal sets together in a flower shape and fasten with a couple of staples in the centre. Repeat to create 6 flowers in total.

5. Staple your flowers to the headband slightly overlapping each one so you hide the brown paper underneath.

6. Cut out 6 circles approx. 5cm diameter from your stripy (or other patterned) paper.

7. Stick a circle to the centre of each flower to finish.

Blooming marvellous!

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