Bunny Ears Scrunchie

These super cute scrunchies not only are a gorgeous addition to your hair accessories collection, a lovely bracelet, beautiful gift and also make great napkin holders for a party! 



2 sheets of A4 paper

25cm height by 56cm width lightweight cotton fabric

25 cm elastic, 5mm-1cm width

Needle and thread

Sewing machine and thread, optional as can be hand sewn


2 x large safety pins

Fabric scissors

Iron and ironing board


Pen or pencil

Pattern making

  1. Firstly fold a sheet of a4 paper in half then into quarters.

2, Measure 3cm from the base of folded line and 6cm from the middle.


3. Sketch out the shape of the bunny ears, it should look similar to this. Cut it out.

4. For the scrunchie, cut out a rectangle 8cm height by 28cm width. One side of the rectangle will be cut on the fold. 


Cutting the pattern pieces

5. Next press the fabric and pin on the patterns. Make sure you cut the scrunchie fabric on the fold. You can also cut the ears fabric on the fold too.


Stitching up 

6. Press the fabric and fold right sides horizontally into each other. Pin into place.


7. For the scrunchie base, simply straight stitch all the way along the top using 0.5cm seam allowance. You can use a sewing machine for this or hand sew.

8. For the ears, stitch along both of the curved sections, leaving approximately 3cm open in the middle in between the ears.


Turning out 

9. To turn out the scrunchie base, attach the safety pin to one side of one end. Thread the pin back through the inside of the fabric. Turn out.

10. Press the whole thing flat. Also press in the seam allowance at one end only.


11. For the bunny ears, turn out both sides through the open middle. Use the point of a pair of scissors to create a good point at each end.


12. Press fabric and seam allowance in the middle inwards, then Top Stitch closed.

Adding the elastic

13. Attach the safety pins to each side of the elastic. Thread it through the scruchie tube.

14. Once out the other side, unpin the safety pins and tie a double knot in the elastic.


15. Arrange the fabric and elastic, then thread the raw edge into the folded end. Overlapping by the folded seam allowance. Hand stitch around the outside.

Finishing the scrunchie

16. Finally thread the bunny ears through the scrunchie and tie a knot over the top of the seam line.


You can make them in a variety of colours and even experiment with with and size of the ears. Happy hoppy scrunchie making!





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