Block Printed Chick

It’s that “cheepy chirpy” time of year and what better way to celebrate all the little chicks being born than to paint this little chap.

It’s time to experiment with a bit of block printing! Great fun to make pictures, posters and cards galore.

This design is a brilliant introduction to a traditional printing technique.

You will need

Corrugated cardboard roughly A4

A4 watercolour paper or card


Glue stick

Yellow & white paint (acrylic or poster paint work well)

Paint brush

Coloured paper for beak

Patterned paper for legs

Coloured crayon


1. To create the body, cut out a semi circle from the corrugated cardboard.

2. Draw around the body shape onto another piece of corrugated cardboard and draw a slightly curved line starting from the centre of the flat edge to create a wing shape. Cut this out.

3. Time to print! With the watercolour paper or card at the ready, generously paint the top side of your body block with yellow paint.

4. Position paint side down onto the printing paper and press firmly all over. Let dry.

5. Mix some yellow paint with a dollop or white for the wing. Generously paint the top side of the wing shape.

6. Position the wing on-top of the body and print, again pressing firmly. There’s no need to line it up exactly, a slight off print works well for this cute chick.

7. Once dry cutout a cheeping beak, an eye and some legs and feet. Stick in place.

8. Add a little detail to the tail with your crayon.

9. Display for complete chick cuteness, or why not make some block printed cards!

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