Origami Butterfly Kindness Tokens

Since the pandemic all of us have been astounded by the bravery and kindness of our key workers. Thought deeply about those who are sick and those who need extra help.  Why not make a few of these simple origami butterflies, pop a little message in the wing and leave them at a doorstop of someone you know to send your love. Give thanks to an NHS worker you know. Pop one on the top of a bin the morning the bin-men come, give one to the local newsagent. Post one to someone who is elderly, vulnerable or sick. Let’s spread the love with these little tokens of kindness.  Let them fly all over sending positivity.

D4B42726-450A-492F-988C-DD86F7C07566_1_102_oHere is the original video from Hannahs Instagram live on @makebox.co



  • Square piece of paper in rainbow colour, this butterfly is made from half a sheet of A4 paper made into a square. 
  • Pen


  1. Fold the square of paper diagonally one way and open up.

    Fold diagonally the other way around and open up. E0A91BA1-8312-4906-9155-71A74221A3B5_1_105_c.jpeg copy

  2. Fold in half one way, open up.

    Fold in half the other way, open up.A91787D7-B711-422E-B832-888CB6BF00DF_1_105_c.jpeg copy

  3. Ease in sides to create a triangle. Flatten.

    Turn the origami butterfly 180 degrees. On one side fold points of triangle downwards. Flatten fold lines.

    Turn over and fold flat edge up, so there is approximately 8mms of the top point showing behind. A87010DD-DCF5-455C-925F-BD21725BC6C3_1_105_c.jpeg copy

  4. Fold half of the top point ( the one behind) over the top to secure back fold. 55324FC3-9FB1-48BD-BF5A-C307C90743DE_1_105_c.jpeg copy
  5. Turn orgami over and fold down the two lower wings and press in the sides. 98011119-963C-4E89-BD2C-40F53501EF0F_1_105_c.jpeg copy
  6. Turn the butterfly over and shape the wings.

    Finally cut a fortune cookie size slip of paper or card and write your message on it. Send to a wonderful person. B413BE9E-4E30-4EEF-A116-803BFA471462_1_105_c.jpeg copyButterflies


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