Bouncing Bunny Skittles

What could be more fun than a game of skittles! Here’s a super duper bunny themed make to create your own skittle set. 


Corrugated cardboard (roughly A3 size in quantity)

Coloured paper (two contrasting colours)


Glue stick



  • Cutout 6 bunny shapes (approx. 12cm tall) from the cardboard.
  • Cut out 6 pieces of card 2cm x 4cm for the bases.
  • For each bunny cut out feet, eyes, noses, whiskers and big round tails from the coloured paper and stick in place, the wonkier the better.
  • Cut a 1cm slit into the base of each bunny and repeat on the cardboard base pieces.
  •  Slot the base pieces onto the bunny pieces so they stand up on their own.Arrange on the floor or table and enjoy a game of bunny skittles!

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