Cardboard Camper Van

Fancy an adventure? Hop on board the cardboard camper and let your imagination take you!


Cardboard (thin corrugated or cereal box, A4 size or there abouts)

A4 paper (white or cream)

Cardboard roll



Paint (blue and yellow)

Paint brush

Crayons (black and white)


1. Cut out your camper-van shape from the cardboard. Cut out windows and a windscreen. Paint it blue.

2. Paint your cardboard roll bright yellow and set aside to dry.

3. Draw a spotty pattern onto half of your paper, and cut into curtain shapes to fit into the windows. Stick in place to the back of the van.

4. Colour the other half of the paper black. Cut out a steering wheel and glue in place to the back side of your van.

5. With your white crayon add a little detail to the van, headlights and door handles work well.

6. From the remaining paper cut 6 thin strips to make spokes for the wheels. Make sure the strips are slightly longer than the diameter of the cardboard roll.

7. Take your cardboard roll and cut in half. Then in the centre of each half make a cut halfway.

8. Slot your cardboard rolls onto the van to make the wheels.

9. Take the first three spoke strips and fold the ends down so they fit into the end of the ‘wheels’. Stick in place to the inside of the front of the first wheel. Repeat for wheel number two.

10. Pack a map, picnic and sun hat, and off you go!


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