Barbola Style Floral Frame

What a wonderful way to keep photos of your loved ones, this beautiful picture frame has been inspired by the stunning 1920s Barbloa mirrors. It’s incredible what you can make from some cardboard and love. 


1 x A4 medium thickness corrugated cardboard for frame

2 x toilet rolls

1 x A4 sheet of white card

1 x sheet of A4 paper

Acrylic paints and paintbrush, in hot pink, white, bright yellow, blue and leaf green.

Gold ( or other colour) spray paint for frame. You can also paint this with acrylic paint.

Glue gun and glue


Scissors or craft knife


Paint brush

A portrait photograph


  • To make the frame, cut out 2 x rectangles of  21cm x 15cm card for the front and back of the frame. Or approximately one A4 piece of paper folded in half. 
  • Also cut a 6cm x 15cm triangle for the stand and score a line 1cm from the straight edge.
  • Using scissors, shape the bottom corners of the frame.
  • Along the top of the frame shape a semi circle. Do this for both front and back sections of cardboard. 
  • Cut out the picture window from one section of the frame. Centrally, draw out a 9x14cm rectangle from 3cm from base and cut out. 

Paint the frame

  • Spray the front, back and triangle gold. Make sure you do this outside and on some newspaper. You can also cover the frame using acrylic paint. 


To create the flowers:

The Forget-me-nots

  • Using the toilet roll, cut a line down the middle and flatten out. Paint the front and back of this blue.
  • Cut small circle shapes approximately 1.5cm in width. Fold in half and cut out a hole in the centre.
  • Cut 5 small petals around the outside.
  • Using the white card cut out flag shape approximately 5cm tall by 1.5cm and the flag 2cm length  by 1.2cm width
  • With the acrylic a yellow stripe and green stem.
  • Snip approximately 2mm notches into flag shape and roll tightly.
  • Take the blue flower head and post the rolled flag shape through the flower and glue at base


  • Trim and open out the top of flag shapes to make the centre of the forget-me-not.

The Apple blossom Flower

  • Cut a piece of card 9.5cm x 2cm
  • Paint 8cm in your chosen petal colour and at one end 1.5cm in half white and yellow for the stamen. Paint both front and back.
  • Following the photo snip the card at intervals 1.5cm apart and 1.5cm deep for the petals. And 3mm apart for the white and yellow stamen.
  • Shape the petals either side of the snips.
  • For the stamen, trim so they sit a little lower than petals.
  • Roll and glue into shape.
  • Once flower is made and glue hardened, bend petals and stems outwards.

The Primrose

  • For the petals, cut a section of card 5cm x 8cm with the yellow paint front and back. 
  • Using a toilet roll, cut open and flatten. Paint a section 2cm x 1cm green.
  • Fold some plain paper in half and cut a small heart template 2.5cm in height.
  • Using heart template draw 5 hearts on the yellow card and cut out.
  • Lightly fold each heart in half.
  • For the stamen, snip into the green card 2cm x 1cm.
  • Roll and glue into place.
  • Then glue the pointed end of yellow hearts one by one, layering as you go.

How to make the leaves

  • Paint some card green.
  • To create a simple template, fold a piece of paper in half and draw out two leaf shapes.
  • Trace leaves onto the painted card and cut out. You can use as many or as little as you like or make up some of your own leaf shapes.

To construct the frame

  • Now for the best bit. Take the gold frame front with the rectangle cut out. Using the larger curved area at the top, arrange and glue your flowers into position.


  • Attach the triangle shape to the back so the your beautiful frame stand upright. Glue along the previously scored edge and place at the lower centre back.


  • Once glue has set turn over. You will now need to glue around the edge of the inside back of the frame, leaving the top free from glue so you can insert your photo. Use photo as a guide.
  • Carefully place the floral front of the frame onto the back.
  • and you now have one beautiful finished frame.

BarbolaMakeBox copyBarbolaFrame



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