Enchanted Mushrooms

The classic egg box transformation project. Perfect for fantastical fairies & pixies who eager to explore a wondrous woodland. Let your little sprites imaginations run free!


Cardboard (ideally from a cereal box)

Square cardboard carton (juice ones work well)

Egg box


Tape (masking tape ideally)


Paint (white, brown, red, yellow)

Paint brush


1. Take your cardboard carton and cut a wonky ‘fallen log’ type shape at each end. Paint white and set aside to dry.

2. Take three pieces of cereal box card roughly sized between A4/A5. Roll each piece into a thick stem and secure with tape. Paint white and set aside to dry.

3. From the egg box cut out three egg cups, paint white and set aside to dry.

4. Once the white log piece is dry, take a paint brush and some brown paint, and brush rough textured brown marks all over the carton to create a bark effect.

5. Mix the brown paint with a little white and paint the ‘stems’ pale brown.

6. Paint the egg cups spotty red, yellow and white.

7. Using the scissors (with care) make three holes at the top of the log to snuggly fit the stems.

8. Slot the stems into the log holes and stick the egg cups onto the tops of the stems creating the mushroom caps.

9. Add fairies!

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