Bridgette + Bryan Butterfly

How wonderful it would be to fly around free as a butterfly, did you know they only ever fall in love once? With a little concertinaing and a twist of a pipe cleaner why not make a super simple Bridgette or Bryan Butterfly of your own.


Approx. A3 paper (brown, white or both)


Crayons (black, gold or both)

Pipe cleaner (blue, green or a colour of your choice)


1. Draw a spotty or swirly lined pattern onto your paper on both sides.

2. Fold your paper in half lengthwise and cut into an elongated ‘B’ shape.

3. Making 5mm folds, fold the paper back and forth all the way up in a concertina.

4. Fold the pipe cleaner in half over the centre of your concertinaed paper and twist to fasten leaving a bit of ‘body’ at the bottom.

5. Separate out the two ‘antennae’ and twist the tops of each to finish.

6. Open up the wings and flutter off to find a flower!

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