Folksy Rosey Tin Vase

This gorgeous vase is a genius way to up-cycle your old tin cans. With the look and feel of a vintage enamel tin, they are perfect for flowers or as a pen and pencil holder. 


1 x washed tin can with label removed

Spray paint, suitable for metal

Sheet of paper to practice on

Acrylic paints, we’ve used pink, navy blue & white 

Paint brush size small and medium

Jar of water

Old newspapers to protect your surface.


Begin by taking a tin can and removing label. Washing the inside clean. Be careful of sharp edge at lip of tin.

Place open end down and generously spray* the outside of the tin until it’s fully coated. *Make sure you only use spray paint in a well ventilated area, ideally outside with a mask. Always protect your surfaces.

Stage 1: To paint the florals we will work in 3 stages. First begin by painting 3 pink dots.

Next paint the blue leaves and leave to dry. I have painted flat so this is easier to see.

Stage 2: Here we add the second layer, the painting below shows the how to position the red inner rose.

Then add the light blue leaf and rose middle and leave to dry.

This is how your tin should be currently looking.

Stage 3: To add the main rose Petals in white. Using the guide below copy the white petals onto the tin.

Your final tin should now be transformed to a beautiful recycled storage vessel. Below shows all 3 angles.

Now all that is left is to add some lovely florals, or pencils or what ever you decide to store in this beautiful tin.



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