Pocket Camera

Calling all budding photographers! Make your own pocket camera to take on adventures everywhere, even if it’s just into the next room or down the road for a morning stroll!


Cardboard 11cm x 5cm

Cardboard roll

Red paint

White paint

Paint brush

String or ribbon

Scraps of cardboard


Hole punch


1. Trim your cardboard roll to 6cm long, then cut 3cm slits into it all the way around one end, about 1/2cm apart.

2. Fold the slits down and secure with glue. This will be your ‘lens’.

3. Cut out a circle from a piece of scrap card slightly smaller than the diameter of the cardboard roll. Slot inside the prepared ‘lens’ and fix with glue.

4. Stick the ‘lens’ onto the camera body (the pre prepared cardboard rectangle 11cm x 5cm).

5. Cut out a small button and view finder from the scraps of cardboard left over.

6. Paint everything inside and out, front and back and leave to dry.

7. Punch a whole into the body of the camera and secure some string for a handle.

8. Clue the button and view finder in place.

9. Cheese!

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