Pouty Peggy Mermaid

Meet Peggy, a delightfully delicate Peg Doll Mermaid who loves being painted, preened and pouting on a beautiful beach near you.


Dolly peg (or pegs for multiple mermaids)

Paint (black, white, red)

Small pointed paint brush

Tissue paper, white (4 sheet A4 or a couple of A3)

Crayons (recommend Kitpas)



1. Use the white paint to add a dress and bikini top to the dolly peg.

2. Paint two white dots for the eyes.

3. Paint swirly long hair with the black paint and add two black dots in the centre of the eyes.

4. Add lips with the red paint.


5. Using the width of the peg as a starting point draw a fish tail shape on a piece of paper or cardboard and cut out to use as a pattern.

6. Fold the tissue paper into lots of layers slightly larger than the tail and using your pattern as a guide cut out at least 16 pieces.

7. Decorate the tails, dress and bikini top with flecks of rainbow colour.


8. Layer up the tails sticking each layer to the next at the top (it’s delicate so go gently), then stick the layered tail to the inside of the peg.

9. Add an underwater kingdom and off you go! (Just maybe don’t add actual water or she might dissolve!).

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