Himmeli Paper Straw Garland

This joyful Himmeli garland is the perfect way to use up all those paper straws you’ve been storing! Hang them in a row to create a fabulous garland for a party or kids room. 



8 x Paper straws per diamond shape 

1 x Embroidery skien per shape

Fine wire

Scissors for straws


Pliers or scissors for wire

Bakers twine or ribbon to hang. We used 1.5m for this decoration of 5 diamond shapes.

Step 1: Cutting the straws. 

Cut straws into 3 sizes.

6x 10cm


6x 4cm

Step 2: Making a Himmeli triangle. 

To begin we will be using the largest 6x10cm and smallest 6x4cm straws.

Take  2 of the largest 10cm straws, thread the wire through in a v shape. Leave around 6m of wire at the end.

Then taking a 4cm straw thread this through the end of the wire.

Join the wire together where it meets. Tightly wind the wire into place and trim end. You have competed your first triangle shape

Now repeat this 2 more times till you have 3 triangles.

Step 2: Create the shape

Take the 3 small straws left and layout as below diagram shows. The pattern is triangle, then 4cm piece, triangle then 4cm piece, triangle then 4cm piece.

Thread wire through the straws along the bottom. When you pull them together they form the shape below. 

Step 3: Connect the sides.

Attach a new wire where indicated below.

Thread through 2 of the 6cm straws and bend into triangle shape.

Thread the wire through one of the hexagon base 4cm straws and repeat till you have 3 more triangles.

To finish off secure the wire where it meets at the base of the large triangle.

Step 4. Join the tops.

Do not cut wire, but thread up through a large straw. You will now secure the top together by connecting the 3 tips of the triangle with the wire.

 Then using the pliers, make a loop, wind the wire around the base and cut.

Your finished loop should look like this

Step 5. Attach the bottom.

To finish off the base, attach the wire joining the 3 smaller points of the triangles by looping the wire though all 3.

Now your Himmeli diamond shape is finished all thats left to do is add a tassel.

Step 6: Make a tassel.

Wind your embroidery thread around two fingers about 15 times

Cut a 10cm thread and thread through as shown on diagram

Pull off fingers and tie a double knot

Trim end of loop. Your tassel should now look like the below diagram.

Cut another 10cm length. 

Tie the 10 cm length approximately 1 cm away from the top of the tassel. Tie into a double knot and trim, as shown in diagram.

Now your tassel is made, all thats left is to tie onto your Himmel Straw base.

Step 7: Making the garland 

Create a collection of 5 or more Himmeli diamonds and knot in equidistance along a length of bakers twine or ribbon.


Hang for all to see! 





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