Frozen Banana Pops

Chocolate that cracks when you bite it hiding ‘bonkersly’ DELICIOUS bite sized frozen banana, decorated with rainbow sprinkles, swirls and speckles… bananas!


Bananas (x 3, or more if you’re hungry)

Lolly sticks

200g white chocolate

200g milk chocolate

Sheet of baking parchment

Chocolate sprinkles

Multicoloured sprinkles

Nuts (crushed)

Smarties if you have them


1. Cut your bananas into 3cm pieces. Stick onto the lolly sticks and freeze for at least 3hrs. This changes the banana into some sort of magical ice cream which is WONDERFUL and makes decorating super easy.

2. Have all of your sprinkles and nuts to hand in little cups or bowls, and a sheet of baking parchment on the side. Melt the chocolate and take the banana sticks out of the freezer.

3. Working quickly with each banana piece (the chocolate will firm up in about 30 seconds), dip the banana in chocolate, coating it all round and spinning a bit to get a good coverage. Then dip into the sprinkle or nut of your choice. Have fun and get creative with the decorating!

4. The chocolate will cool quite quickly and will soon be ready to pop onto baking parchment to harden fully.

5. Leave some plain to drizzle chocolate on the top in a swirly pattern for extra ‘jazziness’.

6. If you can resist, put back into the freezer until required. Take out 5-10 mins before eating to get full banana ice-cream deliciousness!

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