Dressing Up (Cycled) Rings

With little ones around dressing up is ALWAYS a top favourite. So too are paper straws, broken necklaces and other bits and bobs. Throw in a few carton pullers to up-cycle and you have everything you need to make these super fun dressing up rings!


Plastic carton pullers

A selection of any of the following, buttons, beads, paper straws



Glue (hot gun, UHU or PVA all work equally well)


1. Cut a circle or square slightly larger than the flat disc on the carton puller from the cardboard.

2. Stick your beads, bits of straw or buttons to the cardboard shape and leave to set.

3. Stick your prepared ring topper to the carton puller. Leave to set.

4. Adorn some lovely little hands with your ring and then make some more! A great way to give lost/ broken/ left over bits and pieces a new lease of glamorous dressing up life!

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