7 quick and easy home updates

Our June craft box celebrates all the things we have loved during lockdown. Spending time at home is one of them – being housebound does have upsides,  – including giving us an opportunity to look at our four walls with fresh eyes, and make little tweaks and improvements that can make it better when it comes to how it looks or how practical it is. While a big project might not be on the cards right now, there are plenty of ways you can show your home a little love without spending a fortune or knocking down any walls.

Image credit: Little Greene

1. Paint your front door a happy shade

Set a good impression straight away, with a freshly painted front door. Choose a colour that makes you smile and reflects your personality (I love Dorchester Pink from Little Greene). You can update glass panels easily with window film (try Purlfrost for some great designs), and finish it off with smart new hardware.

Image credit: Neptune

2. Give your living room a colour boost

Give your space an instant lift with a lick of paint. While you could go big and paint the whole room, even a simple stripe, or half-height panel can make a big impact. I love the idea of painting furniture a matching shade (Neptune’s sunny Saffron is perfect) for full colour immersion.

Image credit: Homes To Love

3. Make storage shine

Use glass jars to store your essentials, and line them up on shelves to turn them into a display feature. Blackboard labels not only look great, but they’ll turn your kitchen into organisation heaven, as demonstrated in this dreamy Aussie home.

Image credit: Bert & May

4. Retile your splashback

Add some new colour or pattern to your kitchen or bathroom by updating your splashback. As it’s a small area, you can invest in tiles you really love (Bert & May is always a winner) that will add plenty of personality with minimum effort. Check out YouTube for some great tiling tutorials.

avenue lifestyle
Image credit: Avenue Lifestyle

5. Hang a mini gallery wall

Art is a great way to add personality to your home and you don’t have to cover an entire wall to create a striking display. Use the space above a bedside table to hang a simple collection of framed prints (as shown in this bedroom makeover). Stylist’s trick: arranging objects in odd numbers looks more pleasing to the eye.

Image credit: Neptune

6. Create a relaxed dining space

Mix and match dining chairs for a creative, laid-back feel. These Neptune chairs, in a variety of blues, feel bright and breezy, or you can paint a collection of vintage chairs. Paint each chair a different shade of the same colour for a harmonious, ombre-style look.

7. Make some beautiful wall decorations

As this is a craft blog of course I had to finish with a cross-stitch! Creating bespoke handmade decorations is a lovely way to inject your personality into the space. If you don’t feel up to a full project why not start with a mini stitching instead? It’s your project – you make the rules! Our Home Sweet Home MakeBox is a lovely place to start with all of the materials delivered straight to your door. Pre-order it here for delivery in June.

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