Mini Strawberry Plate

It’s June, with (mostly) lovely sunny days edging well into ‘Strawberries & Cream’ season. What better way to celebrate the deliciousness than with an air dried clay strawberry plate make!


250g air dry clay (try good art shops online)

Rolling pin

Paint brush

Lolly stick or chop stick

Knife (no need for a mega sharp one)


Red paint (poster or acrylic)

Green paint (poster or acrylic)

Piece of cardboard (A5 ish)

Acrylic glazing medium (from good online art shops or Amazon)


1. Roll out the clay until it’s around 5mm thick into the cardboard. Cut out a strawberry shape, stalk and leaves.

2. Neaten the edges with your fingers and gently pinch all the way round the strawberry shape making a small lip, smoothing the clay as you go.

3. Mix a little excess clay with some water (just a splash) to make a sort of glue. Roughly scratch the back of the leaves & stalk with your fork and repeat on the strawberry shape where the leaves are going to go. Paint on some ‘clay glue’ and stick the leaves & stalk in place.

4. Add seed details using the lolly stick and add a few veins to the leaves.

5. Leave to air dry, or to help it along pop into a just turned on oven for a couple of hrs.

6. Paint and leave to dry. Finish with a layer of the glazing medium.

7. Perfect for serving grapes & blueberries or, well, strawberries! (Not dishwasher safe!)

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