Our favourite herb garden ideas

The country has been getting green-fingered during lockdown, and growing herbs is the perfect starter project if a full-on veg patch feels a little too daunting. Whether you have a garden, or just a sunny window sill, there’s a whole host of creative indoor and outdoor herb planter ideas that can work for you.

Image credit: Hello Nest

Repurpose old food jars or mason jars into simple herb pots that will suit any style of interior. Group on a sunny window sill or on a tray like Hello Nest that can be lifted down when you want to water them. Tip: Add pebbles or gravel to the jar before soil for decent drainage.

Image credit: Bowerbird

Vintage china teacups make pretty little plant pots. Just add some gravel then soil before planting your herbs. Tip: Display in a collection (like this step display by The Bowerbird Stories)

surburban bees
Image credit: Surburban Bees

Hang some long planters (a small window box is the perfect shape) from rope from a rail (or upcycle some galvanised pipe to make a rail yourself) provides a spot for a mini outdoor herb garden of your favourite herbs. Tip: why not group your herbs by cocktail, so you have all the herbs you need easily to hand for your favourite gin tipple?


Image credit: Mireio

Large or small, old tin cans or boxes make perfect planters, from little tea tins (upcycled by Mireiro) to an old vintage oil can. One person’s trash in another person’s treasure! Tip: punch or drill holes in the bottom for drainage.

Image credit: Ao.com

Create a living feature wall in your kitchen with a collection of hanging pots full of herbs, hung up on simple utensil rails. Dedicate one rail to dried herbs, hung from little bags so you’ve got everything you need in one place. Tip: try Ikea for a choice of hanging rail systems, complete with purpose-built containers.

Image credit: Ikea Hackers

For a super-flexible solution, turn a craft trolley into a herb garden on wheels, then move your garden indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. Tip: customise your trolley using paint or stickers.

Image credit: Fancy Frugal Life

Perfect for compact spaces, stack your herb pots to create a vertical herb garden. Use three sizes of pot and simply stack them on top of each other to build your herb tower. Tip: paint pots with a lick of chalk paint to suit your colour scheme.

Image credit: Grit

Make building your own vertical planter easy with a recycled pallet – the gaps between the slats make perfect pockets for herbs (this tutorial on Grit is easy to follow). Tip: leave the wood untreated for a rustic look

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