Eco House Planter

Make your own miniature house, complete with ‘green’ roof. A teeny home for seeds to grow!


Cardboard juice carton


Paint (white, pink, brown or your favourite colours)

Paint brush

Small piece of sky or landscape from a picture in a magazine (to create a reflected glass effect for the window)



Seeds (wildflowers, cornflowers, marigolds, chives…)


1. Cut your carton into a house shape with a gently sloping roof. Paint white, leave to dry. Paint pink with a dry brush to give it a bit of a texture. Leave to dry.

2. Cut out a cardboard rectangle for the door and a square for the window. Paint the door brown and window white, leave to dry.

3. Cut your sky/ landscape image slightly larger than the window piece. Cut into quarters and stick onto the cardboard window spaced slightly apart to create the window frame. Trim the edges. Stick door and window to the house.

4. Fill with soil, sow the seeds, spray with water daily and wait to grow!

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