Tackle clutter hotspots

We all have those places in our homes where clutter tends to gather, and all that extra time you’ve spent at home over lockdown has probably put your living space under even more pressure than normal. Now’s the time to get your home as organised as it can be with nifty storage solutions for every room that you can take on yourself without spending a fortune.

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Make leaving the house a breeze

More often than not the hallway becomes a dumping ground for coats, bags and shoes, which makes it impossible to find what you need when you’re under pressure to get yourself out the door on time. We may not all have the space for this swoon-worthy built-in hallway solution, but the general ideas can be adapted for any space. Assign hooks and a basket to each family member so everyone’s stuff has a home and is easy to find when you’re rushing out the door.

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Hide away your office

We may be slowly emerging from lockdown, but it looks like it’s going to be a while yet before most of us are back in the office, with working from home still an everyday reality for the majority. If you’re sick of your files and equipment taking over your kitchen table, turn a small wardrobe into a place to stash office gear out of sight. It’s a great way to separate home and work, as well as offering up a roomy storage solution.

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Sort your toiletries

Short of surface space in the bathroom? Use a wall or back of the door to store toiletries vertically. These Bekväm spice racks from Ikea are smart and compact – perfect for lotions and potions – rotate the bottom rack 180 degrees to give you a rail for hanging flannels, hairbands or even jewellery.

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Stash toys

Reclaim your living space after kids’ bedtime. Make clearing away toys easy with simple boxes on casters. Throw in the toys, then wheel them under a built-in bench – a console table or freestanding bench will work well, too.

Image credit: Ikea

DIY a multi-purpose headboard

Another great Ikea hack – mount Ribba picture ledges on the wall behind the bed, then fix an mdf panel on top to create a headboard with a handy shelf on top for display, and hidden pockets for bedtime reading. Paint to match your walls for a streamlined finish.

Image credit: Grillo-Designs.com

Turn storage into a feature

We love this super-easy book sling tutorial that turns a towel rail and pillowcases into a wall-mounted pocket for books or magazines. Choose pillowcases with an eye-catching design that ties in with your room’s decor.

Image credit: Jenthousandwords.com

Go for clever storage combos

Make life easy by fixing a measuring cup to the side of your food storage caddy using a simple Command hook. You could also mould a hook out of  Sugru (mouldable glue).

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Create a family command station

Organisation stations can be as simple as this mini one, using a narrow strip of wall for a couple of clipboards mounted to the wall under a memo board (there are free printables on that link, too, to make life even easier!). If you’ve got more space (and more family members), mix in other  elements, such as wall-hung trays or baskets, and get super-organised with a clipboard for each person. Use them to keep that week’s timetables, chores, school letters or reminders, saving the worktop from endless paper clutter.






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