Peas In A Pod Catapult

Ping the PEAS into the pod! Super easy to make and ‘catapultingly’ CHEERY to play!


8/10 lolly sticks

1 x disposable wooden spoon

1 x Elastic band

String or paper ribbon

1 x sheet A3 paper


Green & white paint

Paint brush

Scraps of paper for the peas


1. Paint the lolly sticks, spoon and all the paper pieces green. Leave to dry.

2. Stack up all but one of the lolly sticks and bind together with the string at both ends.

3. Place the stack of sticks across the remaining stick and bind together.

4. Attach the spoon to one end of the single stick with the elastic band.

5. Fold the long sides of the A3 paper over by 2cm then fold the whole sheet in half long ways and staple the sides. Open out and flatten the sides down. Fold the corner of each side in by 4cm and staple to secure.

6. Fold out so the base is flat, paint the inside and let dry, then your pea pod is ready.

7. Roll up the scraps of painted paper into balls for the ‘peas’. For added support glue a bit of lolly stick to the spoon to help the peas to stay put before you ping them.

8. Chalk up a score board, gather some PEA players together and catapult the peas into the pod!

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