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We’re so excited about the launch of Makebox Kids, with the fabulous Under The Sea craft kit ready to order now for August delivery. We’ve also got our Makebox Kids Club – the ultimate way for kids to get crafty.

With Makebox Kids on hand for the craft activities and major materials, all you need to do is to set up a craft area so your little ones can get creating. From smart storage ideas, to small space craft table set ups, we’ve gathered some inspiration so you can create your own organised craft zone at home.

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This colourful and compact kids’ table fhas everything close to hand for a craft session, with pots of pens and pencils, and a roll of paper to pull out for drawing and colouring. Either fix a rail on the end of your table, or try the Måla storage solution from Ikea. Extra style points for the framed kids’ art gallery wall above – use the matching frames arranged in a grid for a smart, modern look.

Image credit: Laura’s Crafty Life

We’re big fans of a cart, and using one for craft supplies means it’s easy to wheel out (and away). Minimalists can stash the cart out of sight when it’s not in use, or give it a home under or next to a desk so kids have easy access to supplies when the creative urge hits!

DIY Craft Station
Image credit: Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

Could this be the dream craft wall set up? A peg board offers a contemporary backdrop, plus you can customise it to store exactly what you need. Combine pegs and hooks with hanging baskets and boxes to give everything a home, so it’s easy to find what you need in a second. You can get pegboard cut to size, so it’s perfect if you want to create a built-in desk in an alcove or niche.

Image credit: Rachel Parcell

Shelves are the obvious storage spot for your craft essentials. If you’ve got open shelves, what you store on them can double up as display in its own right. Paper the wall behind the shelves to add pattern, and keep everything in easy-on-the-eye containers such as seagrass baskets and glass jars for an arrangement that looks carefully curated.

Image credit: My Scandinavian Home

This built-in desk is a clever solution that utilises the corner of a room. Fix a shelf at desk height, then another on the adjacent wall to create a seamless right angle. Slot a storage unit under one shelf (wall-mounted leaves the floor free for the illusion of more space), and paint everything in the same shade (match the paint to the wall for a even smarter finish). Pop a stool or chair under the free shelf and you’ve got a compact workstation.

Image credit: Ooly

Embrace your creativity when creating even the smallest storage solutions. These hand-painted Kawaii-inspired mason jar pen holders are super-easy to make and will add a sense of fun to any craft table.

Image credit: The Home Edit

Just because you’re hiding craft materials behind closed doors, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look the bomb, too. Clear containers make it really easy to instantly see what’s inside, whilst stylish labelling in white marker takes the organisation level to new heights. Tip: if some of your craft gear isn’t quite so attractive, add in a couple of baskets or simple boxes to keep those bits out of sight.

Image credit: Growing Spaces

My kids used to love drawing and colouring on the floor, so this low art table gave them a surface they could easily work on. Take a simple piece of board (this is ply), thoroughly sand any rough edges, and then screw castors underneath so that the table can be wheeled out from under the bed (or sofa) when needed. Choose castors with brakes so the table doesn’t move when it’s in use.

Image credit: Honey Bear Lane

When space is at a premium, a drop-down table is a great option. Include shallow shelving so that the table doubles up as storage for craft bits. If a DIY job doesn’t appeal, try’s space-saving Esme wall desk.

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