Origami Blossom Hanging Pompom

This beautiful floral pompom is created by a collection of 12 folded flowers, it’s super simple to make and can be made as big as you like!


*This makes a decoration approximately 14cm/ 5.5inch wide

8 sheets of A4 paper – 160gsm or under

Or 68 x 7.5cm squares of paper

Tacky paper glue


Paper scissors


Raffia or ribbon to hang, approx 40cm


Cutting the paper

  • Fold a sheet of the A4 paper in half width ways.
  • Then fold it in half again.
  • From the bottom edge mark two lines to 7.5cm.
  • Cut the paper along the marked lines.
  • Keep the bottom two, which are 7.5cm square folds and discard the smaller top piece.
  • Unfold the paper and use the marked lines to cut out the squares.
  • For more accuracy you can use a craft knife and ruler to do this.

Folding the petals

  • Fold the paper in half from corner to corner.
  • Fold the left side upwards so the point and corner of the paper is aligned with the fold behind.
  • Repeat for the right side.
  • Fold the left hand side of the paper forward, opening it out. So the line of the crease is lined up with the fold behind.
  • Repeat for the right side.
  • Fold the top of the point of the fold on the far left forward, so it lines up with the straight side of the fold behind.
  • Repeat for the right side.
  • Fold the paper along the fold line on the left, going back into its self.
  • Repeat in the opposite for the right side.
  • Then fold this in half ( without creasing the back) to create the first petal.
  • Run a line of glue along one side of the petal.
  • Hold in place until you feel like its set. If you are making several you may want to have a heavy book to hand you can rest the sides under whilst they dry.

Creating the flowers

  • Make 5 of the petals per flower.
  • Run a line of glue along the sides of the petals and glue them together holding them in place as they dry.
  • Create bunches of two and three then glue these together.
  • Finally glue both sides together to form the flower.

To create the pompom

  • Make 12 flowers in total for this shape.
  • Create two sides of the circle by glueing 6 flowers together, thats five along the sides and one in the middle . Allow to dry fully.
  • Fold the raffia or ribbon in half and tie a knot in the end . Trim the ends so they are only about 1-2cm long.
  • Add a generous amount of glue to one half of the pompom and rest the ribbon in the middle so it sits into the bottom flower. It’s will make it less likely to move.
  • Add glue to the other half and press together. The two halves will naturally line up, move them around a little to get the correct position.

Congratulations! you’ve finished your Origami Blossom Hanging Pompom!

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