Alice In Wonderland Craft Range

This June will see the release of our stunning Alice In Wonderland Range! The perfect crafts to fall down the rabbit hole with and try out some stunning new projects. Here’s a little overview of what we have on offer.

Alice In Wonderland Cross Stitch

Alice In Wonderland Cross Stitch

The magical world of cross stitch is made dreamy with this exquisitely designed Alice In Wonderland piece. Each element of the work has been elegantly imagined from elements of the story; from Alice herself to the white rabbit, red roses, a tea set and more all mounted centrally under the Queen of Hearts Crown. 

Framed in a unique wood effect rectangular embroidery hoop reminiscent of a vintage book cover. Hung with Alice Blue velvet ribbon, this delicious design is so utterly unique and fantastical you won’t but help fall in love with making it! 

You can find out more here.

King and Queen of Hearts Playing Cards Embroideries

This unique duo are the ultimate power couple! In this box you will receive two rectangular embroidery hoops to create these wonderful vintage inspired playing card designs. Each design contains lots of fine detail including the symbolic flower for the Queen of Hearts and sword for the king. Perfect for a love token, to hang on a contemporary picture wall or wedding gift. 

These patterns can also be created for same sex couples simply by duplicating one of the designs.

Find out more here.

The Queen of Hearts Rose Wreath

“Paint the roses red!” Demanded the Queen of Hearts. This stunning concept wreath takes the Queen of Hearts wishes literally! A plethora of premium felt roses surround a metal heart shaped wreath base, including red roses in varying sizes hit with a splash of white (the roses that haven’t quite been painted yet!). Surrounded by rich green rose leaves and mounted if you choose with its very own crown on top.

Once completed this wreath measures up to 35cm wide, by 46cm height ( including ribbon) making it a bountiful beauty, perfect to decorate a home, wedding decor or as a token of love! 

Find out more here.

There has been so much joy in creating this range, I hope you absolutely love it!

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