How to make a Teacup Candle

I absolutely adore these candles and have made quite a few over the years a gifts or home decor. They are great because as gifts its a double whammy, not only do you get a candle but at the end you get a pretty teacup! And as home decor they are so cute, I personally have a LOT of vintage cups and saucers so it means I can get them out and enjoy them a bit more. Plus if you love Alice In Wonderland too this makes the perfect styling addition!

You will need


Firstly make sure your teacup is crack free and dust free. You don’t want any wax leaking out of a sneaky hole!

The amount of was pellets you need is dependant on the size of your teacup. As a general rule you need around 3 x scoops of pellets as the container size.

Soy wax pellets from MakeBox & Co.

Pour the required number of wax pellets into the mircorwaveable jug.

Place the jug in the microwave and turn on a high heat for 2 mins. Remove from the microwave and stir the un-melted flakes with the melted using one of the lollipop sticks. (Also add the additional wax if any is required). Heat again in bursts, or until all the wax has melted. Do not over-heat the wax, to avoid this, melt in small additional 30 second bursts.

Set of three scents from MakeBox & Co.

Once the wax is melted its time to add the scent. I would suggest using about 5ml – 10ml of the MakeBox & Co. candle scent per 30cl candle depending on your preference. Please note different scents have different strengths so please follow the manufactures instructions.

Now it’s time to attach the wick to the container. The pre-waxed wick is a piece of string that has been dipped in wax and has a circular metal base to fix to the glass container. 

You want the wick to sit centrally in the teacup. Place the wick in the cup and measure the height to the top of the glass with the tip of your fingers. 

Using the unused lollipop stick as a centralising tool, wrap the top of the wick around it. The metal base needs to sit comfortably and centrally at the bottom of the cup.

Then pour just a little of the hot wax into the glass. This is to secure the wick. You only need to add about 2mm in height.  Once added, place the glass jar in the fridge for about 2 minutes until the wax has set, over this time it will change colour from yellow and clear to off white and solid. 

Test the wick to see that it doesn’t move then top up with the remaining wax. If it does move, reposition and allow to cool for a couple more minutes. 

The wax in the jug should remain liquid during this time. Make sure the candle is resting somewhere before you pour in the remaining wax that it can remain for around 1-2 hours whilst it sets. You don’t want to move the candle once it has been poured as it creates an uneven top. * If for any reason it has started to go white, heat it up in the microwave for a few mins or pour back into the heatproof bowl and reheat as before. You will need to then leave it to cool for a few minutes before completing the candle. 

Allow the candle to rest and set at room temperature. 

Be aware, the candle may look set, but it may not be. Carefully – Touch the outside of the jar to see if it’s still warm as a test. If it is leave it be! 

Once the candle has set, remove the lollipop stick and cut the wick down to about 1cm. 

Congratulations you have made a teacup candle! 

You can find all the candle making supplies you need here at the MakeBox & Co. candle shop!

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